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您希望继续收到奥的斯的哪些信息?What kind of information will you expect to receive?
您即将进入的行业 Which industry will you join
您即将加入的公司,对您的吸引之处 What attracts you to the company you are about to join
I have read and agree to the Privacy Notice and Terms of Use of Otis and affiliates and subsidiaries. By creating a candidate account I understand and expressly agree that my personal information may will be transferred within Otis, and to third parties selected by Otis who assist Otis in its talent acquisition activities. I further understand that I may receive communications from Otis linked my candidacy for employment, and that I may withdraw my application(s) or request for my candidate record to be purged at any time. I understand that I must consent to the Privacy Notice to be able to apply for a job with Otis and, if I do not consent, I will cancel out of this portal without submitting an application.